Only One Can Win (Paperback)

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Rex Thorne, a tremendous young Calvary scout decided to leave the cavalry so he could start a ranch. While his fianc was traveling by stagecoach to meet him at the ranch she was kidnapped by some rowdy's. He took up their trail and followed it halfway across the Texas panhandle trying to rescue her. On the way back to the ranch after his long search some saddle tramps started trailing him. They were out to get even with Rex because he had beaten their leader out of a great horse and had whipped him soundly while doing so. When Rex was finally able to return to his ranch, he discovered that his cattle had been stolen. He tracked the lost herd nearly all the way to No Man's Land up in the Oklahoma Territory. No matter which way Rex turned somebody was trying to get the best of him. They found out that was not an easy thing to accomplish. With his fists and with his gun he fought back.

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ISBN: 9798890214157
Publisher: Richie Brotherton
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2024
Pages: 314
Language: English