Future Events: A Prophecy of Coming Times (Paperback)

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In this explosive new book on the future, Michael H. Brown surveys the prophetic landscape and puts recent predictions in the context of current and past events, especially a little-known "enlightenment" received by famous seer Lucia dos Santos of F tima many years after the historic apparitions - a part of the famous Third Secret that has not been previously dissected and explained. From the cell of the seer to current times, apparitions, and "messages," Brown presents an in-depth look at the crescendo of events mankind is quickly approaching and a time of major incidents and calamities that may already have begun - the parting of a "curtain." In this mix is Manhattan, the stage for further revelation on what approaches the world without radical conversion to Jesus Christ. Using literary device, Brown predicts some of the warnings, disasters, and "signs, " including a great one that looms in the not-so-distant future as mankind descends into Godlessness and sin. The Lord promised after the Flood never to destroy earth again with water. What might take its place? What about regional events that might include great ocean waves or inland seas, that could involve flame from the sky or the threat thereof, that could portend massive military conflict in a world that has seen its landscape and populations transfigured? Fear? No. Concern and warning? Without question. As the famous nun, Mother Angelica, of Birmingham, Alabama, said of one of Brown's previous prophetic books, "If you didn't buy his book, you're missing it. It's not a scary book; it's a very good book. If you haven't bought it I would buy it. I think it's a great book, just terrific. I think it's important for my future and your future. I want you to read it]. Why? It's truthful, it's sensible, and it's God's way of saying, Let's be ready."

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ISBN: 9798218302627
Publisher: Spirit Daily
Publication Date: November 15th, 2023
Pages: 298
Language: English