Concrete Bayou (Paperback)

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Trafficked or Triumphant?

In ancient times, King Xerxes ruled the powerful Persian Empire and chose his wives from the most beautiful virgins in the kingdom. The young maidens lived in the palace harem, then moved to concubine quarters once they had a night with the King- at his discretion. Esther, orphaned as a child, was being reared by a family member and was brought to Xerxes like so many others. Did she live the rest of her life as a concubine, or did she rise above the rest?

Today, Viktor Batista heads a modern-day empire as housing project president, politician, and the criminal mastermind of the underworld called The Bayou. His inside connections give him direct access to young girls who are troubled, run-aways, or plagued by family tragedy-who become part of his million dollar operation.

Hadassah Colton, who is being raised by her uncle after the untimely death of her parents, has suddenly become an unwilling member of Batista's modern-day harem. Like Esther, does Hadassah hold onto her faith and escape the confines of the Bayou, or does she remain within its walls as a hopeful victim?

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ISBN: 9781736783054
ISBN-10: 173678305X
Publisher: Queen Within LLC
Publication Date: November 28th, 2023
Pages: 156
Language: English