On The Road To Hollywood True Stories: The Other Side Of The Lake The Purple Girl (Paperback)

On The Road To Hollywood True Stories: The Other Side Of The Lake The Purple Girl By Erik De La Torre Stahl Cover Image
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On The Road to Hollywood True Stories written and author by Erik De La Torre Stahl FADE IN Ext. White Building-Day-Wide Shot It's a early morning in Hollywood. "Hollywood where dreams fades and dies" KTLA, Channel 5, was originally Warner Brothers Studios. Geng Autury, Film and Radio Cowboy Star, Purchase the television Studio at Sunset and Bronson, years later. He called it "Golden West Broadcast, the studio is today "KTLA Tribune Channel 5" We see a group of people forming a line outside the television studio, some are out ot the towners and fans, waiting to go inside the studio, to see the "The talk show "kind of a variety show. 2.Ext. Studio Entrance-Day. Medium Shot As the group begins entering inside the studio. We see at a distance a slim middle age man of forty, dress like George Harrison of the formal Beetles's group from England he approaches one young man of thirty. 3.Two-Shot The man is Erik, with Sandy hair and baby face. Erik is an actor and a play write from Mexico. The mid'age is also Douglas Copper most people around calls him George Harrison. George (to Erik, asks) Hey man, is this line for Dominique? Erik No man. This is for "CNTV" (He points over George's shoulders) Dominique is across the street George H. (Brighten) Thanks man. Actually I arrived here for the "Rob Nelson Show" Erik (Amuse) That sounds like rubbing something George H. (Cheerfully) "Yeah " Erik (Quizzically) This is your first time coming to this show? George H. No man 4.Close Up-Erik Erik watch as people starts to go in. He tells George Harris. Erik (Enthuse) At least they pay you for being in the audience show for clapping, smiling and laughing 5.Close Up-George H. He becomes tense. George H. (Serious, explains his feelings to Erik) For me is difficult to smile. 6.Close Up-Erik He looks straitly at George H. Erik (appalled) It's easy man .. Life is fun, man Look at yourself in a mirror or, or think some miserable thing or a miracle happening in your life. 7. Two-Shot George yells at Erik, . George H (harsh) You know man Life is fun and Shit (throws up his hands, exclaims) But... I don't believe in miracles Erik (Casually) My best miracle, that happen in my life, . (he begins laughing with joy.) my wife asked me for a divorce George H. (Curious, looks at Erik, asks) How long have you been waiting here? Erik (with a smile) Like two hours. George H. Ok man, man what's your name? Erik (Proudly) My name is Erik. George H. (With a smile) "Douglas Copper" (he begins walking away I think I need to cross the street. 8. Wide Angle George, who is actually, Douglas Copper, crosses to the other side of the street. Fade out. Fade In 9.Ext, KTLA light sign over building night - Close Shot Appears on screen"After the Show" 10. Ext, KTLA Station-Night. Group Shot Erik is seen talking to a young woman name Rhonda. Douglas returns. Erik (to Rhonda) I can help you develop your idea, for a screen play. (he playfully asks Rhonda.) What are you doing after? Rhonda (easily) Can I have your phone number? Erik I don't have it now. 11 Close Up-Erik He continues. Erik (grins, asks) What about yours? (Douglas interrupts) Douglas (to Erik, asks) What about going to Dennys, for a cup of coffee? 12. Close Up-Rhonda As she looks up at Erik, off-scene. Rhonda (With a smile)
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